Riccardo Cadei

Machine Learning Researcher

Hello World,
I am Riccardo, an enthusiastic researcher at Causal Learning and Artificial Intelligence Lab advised by Francesco Locatello (ISTA) and co-advised by Cordelia Schmid (Google Research). Through my research, I aim to scale (Causal) Representation Learning to real-world applications to (i) shed new light on some of the most important open challenges in Artificial Intelligence --i.e.,  Robustness, Transferability, and Fairness-- and (ii) directly answer to causal downstream tasks on unstructured data with positive and direct impact on public health.

I have previously conducted research on Causal Machine Learning at Harvard University (2022-2023) and EPFL (2020-2022), worked as a Machine Learning Engineer in 3 different internships (2 in industry, 1 in academia), and failed postponed to launch my own start-up on Responsible AI (2023).

This is my personal website where you can go through my publications and accomplished projects publicly available. Enjoy your reading, and do not hesitate to reach out for any constructive discussion.


Jan, 2024

[New Position] Research Fellow at Causal Learning and AI Lab at ISTA (Vienna).

Oct, 2023

Founder in Residence at Entrepreneur First (Paris).

Oct, 2023

Selected in Nova 111 Student List among the 10 most promising Italian Computer Scientists Under25.