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General Information

Full Name Riccardo Cadei
Date of Birth 16th November 1998
Nationality Italian
Languages Italian (native), English (fluent), and French (beginner)

Research Areas

  • Causal Machine Learning for Public Health.


Work Experience

  • 2023
    Founder in Residence at Entrepreneur First
    • Learning entrepreneurial skills while trying to develop a start-up idea in Responsible AI and Sustainability at Station F .
  • 2023
    Research Fellow at Harvard (@NSAPH group)
    • Conducting research in Causal Inference and Machine Learning in the context of climate change, environmental impacts on health outcomes, and regulatory policy [ICLR23] (P.I.: Francesca Dominici).
  • 2022
    Machine Learning Researcher at Schlumberger-Doll Research in Cambridge (MA) (6-months Internship)
    • Deep Learning for Causal Modeling and interpretation of acoustic (sonic and ultrasonic) subsurface data for anomaly detection and hazard prevention.
  • 2021
    Research Assistant at @Intelligent Global Health at EPFL (Summer Internship)
    • Developing a mobile app for (non-invasive) upper body posture detection using Deep Learning (P.I.: Martin Jaggi).
  • 2020-1
    Machine Learning Engineer at L.O.L. Consulting Group (Freelance)
    • Detecting available rooftop area to install photovoltaic panels from high quality satellite images using Deep Learning.

Teaching Experience

  • 2021-22
    Teaching Assistant at EPFL.
    • Professor: J. Brea.
    • Course: Introduction to Machine Learning for Bioengineers (BIO-322).
  • 2018-19
    Student Assistant at Politecnico di Milano.
    • Task: Teacher (merit based selection) for individual students and small groups.
    • Courses: Calculus 1 and Linear Algebra.
  • 2019
    Olympic Math Teacher at BrixiAmaTe.
    • Task: Teacher in a Math Summer School explaining mathematical concepts, methods and techniques for Mathematical Olympiad.
    • Courses: Combinatorics and Probability.

Honors and Awards

  • Oct 2023
Machine Learning

Software Development Skills

  • Collaborative Programming: Git Hub.
  • Machine Learning: Python (Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, ...), R, Julia.
  • Deep Learning: Pytorch, TensorFlow.
  • Mathematics:
    • Numerical Mathematics: MATLAB.
    • Statistics: R, Python (Statsmodels, Scipy, ...).
    • Optimization: AMPL, CPLEX, Python (Numpy, Scipy, ...).
  • Big Data: Apache Spark, Scala, HDFS, Hadoop, AWS.
  • App and Web development: HTML, CSS, Android Studio.
  • Robotics: RobotC.
  • Text Editor: LaTeX.


  • Athletics:
    • Marathon Runner for Atletica Paratico and Cambridge Running Club (Marathon regional champion U23 in 2018, P.B.: 2h50m38s in Athens 2023).
    • Trainer at Politecnico di Milano's athletic team (50+ athletes) in 2018-20.
  • Long distance hiker and cycle tourist.
  • Other sports: Ski, Skateboard, Wind Surf, ...